JavaScript Front-End Developer Bootcamps :: Enterprise-Grade

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Invest a few hours... and discover the Value of JavaScript Frameworks

Google and Facebook are setting the industry standards with Angular and React.

DEV6 offers live training for optimal React, React Native, and Angular development in your organization.

Bootcamp Benefits:

  • Learn in person from industry experts.
  • Discover the best practices, tips and tricks for optimal development and deployment.
  • Get your most pressing questions answered in one day at a very affordable price.

To learn more, click on a course syllabus below.

Angular 5 Bootcamp

Wednesday, May 16

9am - 5pm






React Bootcamp

Thursday, June 14

9am - 5pm





Bring your manager along and get a free seat! 


Audience: Developers or hands-on developer managers. Anyone who needs a solid understanding of the latest frameworks.  All training is fully hands-on and includes a full instruction manual that you can take home.  Bootcamp can also be delivered on-site.  


Learn from the DEV6 developers who develop mission-critical JavaScript applications with companies like  adidas, Chrysler, Mitel, & Teranet.