Node.js Essentials Training Course

Node.js Essentials Training Course
Course Description

This one-day Node.js training course is a primer for developers who wish to leverage the expressive power of JavaScript on the server. Node.js is based on Google's Open Source V8 JavaScript engine and is rapidly gaining popularity among developers who recognize that JavaScript has matured enough to be considered a first-class language.

In this course, students will quickly be guided through the initial installation process and will create a functioning HTTP server in a matter of minutes. After creating their first Node.js application, students will be introduced to the following topics: installing the Express framework using NPM, routing, events,, persistent data using SQL and no-SQL data stores, and much, much more.

This course was designed and constructed by DEV6 web application developers who have used Node.js extensively in real-life projects. As such, the training includes many of the development tips, tricks and best practices that can’t be found in off-the-shelf Node.js developer books. The course is highly interactive and features a large amount of student labs and hands-on coding.


$595 CAD / $595 USD


1 Day


Experience in the following areas is required:

  • JavaScript (at least 2 years experience is desirable)
  • Moderate SQL knowledge
  • Proficient in at least one IDE


Jun 6, 2019 - Jun 6, 2019 Mississauga LC, Online, or Client Location Register
Jul 11, 2019 - Jul 11, 2019 Mississauga LC, Online, or Client Location Register
Aug 8, 2019 - Aug 8, 2019 Mississauga LC, Online, or Client Location Register
Sep 12, 2019 - Sep 12, 2019 Mississauga LC, Online, or Client Location Register
Oct 8, 2019 - Oct 8, 2019 Mississauga LC, Online, or Client Location Register

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction

  • Node.js Definition
  • Background: the V8 Connection
  • Features of Node.js

Module 2: Getting Started

  • Installing Node.js Locally
  • Explaining Packages
  • Using NPM

Module 3: Creating a Node.js Application

  • Creating a Web Server
  • A Simple Hello World Application in Node.js
  • Returning a Response

Module 4: Express

  • Installing Express Using NPM
  • Defining Express Routes
  • Handling Requests
  • Creating a Custom Module

Module 5: Events

  • Definition and Purpose
  • A Simple Events Example

Module 6:

  • Installing the Library
  • Connecting the Browser to the Server
  • Information Exchange Between Client and Server

Module 7: Persistent Data

  • Connecting to MySQL
  • Connecting to MongoDB
  • Connecting to Redis
  • Strategies for Avoiding Callback Pyramids

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