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Meteor: The Angular Way

Written by: Ronak Nagda

In case you haven’t heard about Meteor yet, now would be a good time to give it a look. Meteor is an open source platform for building web and mobile applications in JavaScript. It is a full-stack solution that provides you with JavaScript development environment to build your real-time modern web applications.

With the recent announcement of Meteor 1.2 version, big additions were made to every part of the platform. Meteor now includes support for Angular JS framework along with the traditional Blaze template.

With the official angular package, you can write Angular JS applications with Meteor. Meaning, Angular works natively on your Meteor app.


Adding AngularJS

If you are new to Meteor and want to learn about the installation process, please refer to my previous blogpost Getting Started with Meteor.

Once you have installed Meteor and created a new app, to start using the new Angular package just navigate to the root of your existing app and run this command on your terminal:

$ meteor add angular

This package connects AngularJS to Meteor and includes the latest AngularJS library. With just a simple one line command, we can now use AngularJS’s power in our Meteor app.

The official angular package allows you to:

  • Access Angular templates inside your Meteor project
  • Connect Angular and Meteor data smoothly in your full-stack application
  • Add any existing Angular app or 3rd party Angular libraries to Meteor
  • Add Angular wrappers for all of Meteor’s API
  • Use Blaze templates inside your Angular-Meteor project

Additional Packages

There are hundreds of Meteor packages written for common Angular 3rd party libraries. If you do not find one of your choice, you can always make one and add it to the existing list.


API Reference, introductory videos and step-wise tutorials to build web apps using Meteor Angular are all provided on the Angular Meteor website.

In my opinion, Meteor is one of the best frameworks available out there for building fast web apps, and is only getting better as time progresses.

Useful Links and References: