A11Y Bootcamp

As web applications are progressing at break-neck speeds, so is the demand for making them accessible. With modern websites encompassing a myriad of features and technologies, learning accessibility standards and best practices have become paramount for both developers and designers.

In this course, we will be going through the A-Z of accessibility. Throughout the course, the student will develop an understanding of the challenges people with disabilities face in their efforts to access technologies that non-disabled people take for granted. We will provide resources and exercises to develop an awareness of the tools people with disabilities use to overcome barriers to computer access. Students will become familiar with the legislation that affects companies and organizations as it relates to requirements to have accessible websites.

Overall, students will gain experience with the software and utilities commonly used for building and testing accessible websites as well as get hands on experience through a series of exercises developed to ensure immersive understanding of the technology and standards.

This course can either be offered at the location of your organization, the Aquent DEV6 Mississauga office, or online.

Cost: $499 CAD / $499 USD
Duration: 1 day
  • Familiar with HTML, CSS, and JS
  • Comfortable using an editor to build web pages
  • Comfortable using Windows

Michael Vano

Our A11Y Instructors

This A11Y Bootcamp was designed and developed by DEV6 web application developers who use A11Y in real-life projects. The course is highly interactive and features significant number of student exercises.

Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction

  • Course Introduction
  • Instructor Introduction
  • Student Introduction

Module 2: Developing Empathy for Users with Disabilities

  • Defining ability and disability
  • Understanding the reality of persons with disabilities
  • Exercise: Understanding the computing experience for blind people

Module 3: Overview of Assistive Technology Tools for End Users

  • Screen readers
  • Taking a deep dive into NVDA
  • Exercise: Using NVDA on Windows

Module 4: Why is Accessibility Important?

  • Overview of the Legislation Governing Web Accessibility
  • Developing for the disabled
  • Exercise: What makes inaccessible websites bad

Module 5: WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines)

  • Who is W3C?
  • What is WCAG and what does it cover?
  • The Four Principles: Perceivable, Operable, Understandable and Robust
  • Exercise: Web Accessibility Validation

Module 6: Tools for Developers: Desktop and Mobile

  • Authoring tools
  • Validation tools
  • Browser extensions
  • Automated testing
  • Exercise: Exploring the developer’s accessibility toolkit

Module 7: Applying Accessibility Best Practices

  • Usage of landmarks, roles and properties
  • Link navigation and language with context
  • Fonts and colour contrasts
  • Images and best practices
  • Exercise: Best practices in HTML5

Module 8: Building Accessibility into Single Page Applications

  • Technical challenges that are unique to SPAs
  • Best practices for solving common SPA accessibility problems
  • Exercise: Announcement service for route changes in an SPA

Further Resources and Wrap Up

  • Further Reading
  • Course Review
  • Dismissal

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