Aquent DEV6's Point of View on Mobile and Agile

Mobile and Agile are a perfect match.

Mobile’s fast-changing landscape requires rapid iterations, and Agile teams are specifically built for speed and thrive on change. Agile development enhances cooperation between testing and development, and the fast release cycles perfectly fit the requirements for constant mobile app development.

The Aquent DEV6 Point of View on Mobile and Agile

An Agile Approach is Critical

Mobile adoption is growing at incredible pace. But, mobile users of apps are less tolerant of errors and crashes than they are in the non-mobile application world. The first few times an app crashes, users just delete the app and move on. In app stores, there are hundreds of other alternative apps to choose from.

Ensuring the quality of your mobile app is extremely important. But it’s difficult to achieve. The number and variety of mobile devices live in the world only makes updating apps more challenging. The pace of updates has gone from months to days!

An Agile approach to development is best at addressing very short app update cycles, helping to ensure end user satisfaction.

DEV6’s Approach for Quality

Aquent DEV6’s Approach for Quality in an Agile Environment

Aquent DEV6 tests on real devices using mobile testing in the cloud. We don’t have to test on every device – but we make it a point to know what devices your users are using.

We often work with our customers to come up with a device testing strategy that hits the major OS’s and the major phone manufacturers, so you get a good cross section of test data. Aquent DEV6 uses devices in the cloud from Keynote so you don’t need to manage devices, buy devices, search for devices, manage plans, etc.