DEV6 is partnered with Keynote, the global leader in digital performance optimization for mobile and web.  Keynote optimizes the value of every digital interaction, enhancing user experience and driving business value through online performance.


Why Keynote / The Keynote Difference

Keynote is with their customers at every step of their digital journey. They empower IT to align directly with business goals to achieve results that:

  • Protect your digital investments with higher quality, more reliable digital assets.  From quality management before launch, to performance management, analytics and competitive intelligence insights after launch, Keynote enables your teams to share best practices and business value.
  • Gains a competitive edge by supporting a digital experience that protects them from the competition - Keynote assures your customers an extraordinary experience when it matters most. With Keynote's big data architecture, real-time analytics capabilities and industry scorecards that analyze the performance of digital assets in context of competitors, Keynote empowers companies to increase their return on digital by optimizing the performance and quality of their assets. For every role and division in each business, Keynote works with you to improve the digital experience.


Keynote's Solutions

Mobile Testing

Mobile Testing

Ensure the quality of your mobile apps and sites by testing on real devices over live carrier networks. Powered by the DeviceAnywhere Cloud, Keynote Mobile Testing streamlines your testing process and helps you deliver high-quality mobile experiences that delight and amaze your customers.

Mobile App Monitoring

The only 100% cloud-based mobile application monitoring solution to continually check the performance and availability of your mobile app on real smartphones and tablets over real carrier networks, 24/7.