The Challenges of Mobile Testing

As mobile continues to takeover the world of desktop the importance of creating quality mobile technology and applications increases. However, mobile users are less accepting of glitches and crashes in mobile applications. Creating a quality, error-free app is paramount. 

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Mobile app testing gives developers an opportunity to prevent these failures, decreasing user frustration and increasing long-term adoption of the new app. For any application mobile testing does not come without it’s many challenges.


The large range of popular mobile devices. The variety of mobile devices and smartphones on the market is constantly changing. Even if you were to focus on the more popular options you are still faced with different screen sizes and hardware configurations you must take into consideration.


Working with different operating systems and versions. Popular devices come in all shapes and sizes; Android, Windows, Blackberry and IOS, each with new versions released regularly.


Handling the unique experience for each mobile carrier. Being able to test your app on common carriers is no simple task. Not only do you need a device on each network but the phone must also be physically located within the networks range making remote testing difficult.


Keynote Mobile Testing allows you to ensure the quality of your mobile apps by testing on any number of real devices over live carrier networks. Keynote Mobile Testing simplifies your testing process and helps you deliver a high-quality mobile experience that delights your customers.


Utilizing Keynote Mobile Testing for your mobile development allows you to:

  • Enable real device testing earlier in the process, lowering the cost of finding issues.
  • Speed time to market with automation and integration with your CI process.
  • Flexibly by meeting the needs of your entire agile team with various integrations and scripting options.
  • Reduce the asset management headache of managing mobile devices.
  • Enable remote teams with access to real devices, wherever they are.


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