Custom-developed Enterprise Mobile & Desktop Applications

Since 2002, DEV6 has successfully custom-developed many mobile and desktop apps. Read through the stories below to get a feel for our technical capabilities, strengths and consulting services. 



Summary: Enterprise app - B2B app example - AngularJS - Node.js - Custom app - Frameworks app example

adidas represents some of the best known and loved brands in sporting goods.

adidas Group reached out to DEV6 to help support their field sales representatives and business partners by incorporating AngularJS and Node.js into their technology stack. 

DEV6 provided coding, mentoring, and best practices consulting to enable adidas Group Canada to smoothly incorporate the latest/greatest web and mobile frameworks into their existing infrastructure. This work included porting a Flash based app to AngularJS, exposing a RESTful web service for communicating with legacy data, and creating mobile friendly UI layouts.

The result was a successful B2B product ordering app, running on both desktop and mobile devices.



Summary: Enterprise app - Customer Management app - AngularJS - Frameworks app example - Custom App

Mitel is a global leader in real-time business, cloud and mobile communications.

Mitel needed a new user interface for an important cloud-based customer management solution for VOIP phone systems that was intuitive, rich and reliable. DEV6 was chosen by Mitel because of our extensive experience in delivering AngularJS development services. 

DEV6 produced an innovative Single Page Application which resides on the client. The UI re-write provided quicker performance, a more intuitive user experience and a responsive design that allows for the app to be used on multiple platforms.  DEV6 also provided enablement services to Mitel in the form of formal instructor-led AngularJS training to Mitel’s internal development team, and in the form of informal AngularJS best practices development mentoring.



Summary: Enterpise app - Frameworks app example - HTML5 app example - Angular JS automotive app - Custom app

Since 2008, DEV6 has worked with FCA on a dozen projects and counting.  The bulk of our work has been with the Mopar Service division where we have performed front-end, heavy-lifting development in the automation of service technician and service advisor systems.

Our first project was to help develop a new auto diagnostic application that is used by service technicians around the world. This application improves how Chrysler automotive service technicians diagnose and fix vehicle problems. The success of this project led to DEV6 working on a mobile, multi-touch enabled version of this application. The mobile version was built using AngularJS and targets the major tablet platforms. DEV6 has also helped FCA with other HTML5 mobile projects including an application that streamlines the process of checking-in customers at service departments and creating service work orders.

DEV6 is a trusted vendor for FCA, providing both application development support and consulting. We train FCA personnel on the latest web mobile app dev technologies and also instill new best practices within FCA around the use of coding frameworks (e.g. AngularJS framework for JavaScript development).



Summary: AngularJS Healthcare app - HTML5 app - Enterprise app - Cordova app example - Custom app

CPRI provides highly specialized trauma-informed mental health and developmental services.  These services include: Assessment, Consultation, Treatment, Research and Education.  They work with local community services, building on what they have already done. CPRI uses evidence based practice and adapts their approach to the unique needs of children.

DEV6 was engaged to develop a mobile app as an alternative to a paper based Psychotropic Medication Monitoring Checklists (PMMC) system. This state-of-the-art tool gives patients and caregivers an easy-to-use method of tracking medications and side effects on mobile and desktop devices. Making a switch to a digital tool reduces paper clutter and increases checklist completion rates via digital reminders. Data is also securely collected in a central database that allows for authorized researchers to easily analyze the collected information. In building the app, DEV6 utilized AngularJS and Cordova, helping to ensure that the resulting HTML5 app is robust, employs best practices, and is easily maintained.



Summary: Enterprise app - Healthcare app example - AngularJS healthcare app - Frameworks app -  Custom app

The Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES) is an independent, non-profit research organization that evaluates health care services and delivery to meet changing health care needs.

DEV6 has worked with ICES on a variety of projects including a mobile version of its Emergency Heart Failure Mortality Risk Grade (EHMRG) calculator. This calculator helps physicians reduce the number of heart failure deaths and unnecessary hospital admissions by using a computer-based algorithm that calculates each patient’s individual risk of death. ICES wanted to improve access to this important risk model algorithm by making it available on physician's smartphones. The app utilizes the AngularJS framework and the Twitter Bootstrap UI library. DEV6 also created an AngularJS based version of the EHMRG calculator that works on all major mobile platforms, as well as current desktop browsers. ICES plans to replace the current web-based version with the new AngularJS app so as to have only one source code to maintain.

The app applies responsive design to detect the user’s device and offer up the most appropriate interface. Having previous experience with healthcare apps, we applied our understanding of the importance of simplifying the data entry workflow and providing response validation / error checking.